A Chetwynd inspired creation

The latest block of Loudspeaker workshops are well under way and last week I popped in to see what was being made – Helen Thackray, Community Programmer.


“After seeing the exhibition by Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, we took inspiration from her DIY style and the materials she uses to create our own colourful structure.”

“It started off as a tent but it got prettier as we all added to it. We had to work together to do the scaffolding but the design was each individual adding to it. I’ve put up lots of tents before so I was more interested in the structure and keeping it upright, the other girls did the pretty stuff. The cushions are like the beanbags that Chetwynd uses in the Catbus. They give it a luxuriant look but they are actually working as weights to keep the bamboo canes in place.”


“As it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow we added a romantic swing. The fabrics created a tranquil atmosphere. We created a place where you could escape to”


“The teamwork was exciting. We respected each others ideas and worked together to create something we couldn’t have done on our own. At first I couldn’t imagine we could make such a large structure”


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One Response to A Chetwynd inspired creation

  1. Alice says:

    Nice bit of team work in the studio – great to see!

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