Lynn explains what it’s like being a Loudspeaker mentor…


I am pleased to say once again we had another great collection of people in this group for Loudspeaker. The project was all about two artist named Raphael Hefti & Agnieska Polska, and the sessions ran from 18th October 2014 – 9th January. Once again, I was invited back as a mentor, which is what I really enjoy doing. I saw a lot of great progress in the women taking part and I have to say there was a lot of great work done by the women. This gives me a lot of happiness in myself and I love the opportunity to keep coming back and being able to help others. We also had a small group of women who wrote Letters to the City of Nottingham. I was interviewed on BBC Radio Nottingham and also asked about my experiences by the Evening Post. When I do this I feel I can be very helpful in speaking out about the benefits of the Loudspeaker project. This project is a great support for women who need help to talk and get their lives back. I have come a long way with it since I became part of the course, and I have been part of the group as a mentor ever since. I hope Loudspeaker continues for years to come, as I feel it would be a great loss for the many women who need support in Nottingham.

You can hear Lynn and Nottingham Contemporary’s Head of Learning Kay Hardiman talking about Loudspeaker on Verity Cowley’s BBC Radio Nottingham show here:

Lynn and Ciara Smyth (from Changing Lives, our partners in the project) were also interviewed by the Nottingham Evening Post. They discuss Loudspeaker and the ‘Letters to the City’ project – you can read the article here:

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