Willow’s Story


Why am I taking part in this project? I am already confident about my mark making, my ability with composition, wielding a pencil etc. etc. I have an art degree. So why am I here? Because I also suffer with social anxiety and depression, I have a label of BPD. I’m good at looking ‘normal’, so it’s not obvious with me. Well I don’t think so! But I came on this project to counteract my isolation, to create some kind of balance between time on my own and time with others. Time on my own is time spent recovering from time with others. But time with others has to be a certain type of time; time with people who will understand, if you’re not feeling very good emotionally, time with people who just accept me as I am. I also don’t want to just be with people for the sake of being with people, adding art to the mix makes it quality time to me, a chance to do what I love with people who are supportive.

Each Loudspeaker Project relates to whatever exhibition is going on in the galleries upstairs. The exhibition we are bouncing ideas off is called ‘Rights of Nature, Art and Ecology in the Americas’. One of the pieces we looked at during one of the sessions was a journey, walking and buses, taken by an artist called Paulo Nazareth, retracing the footsteps of history and documenting his journey along the way. This related totally to my own work at home and I felt that I was doing this project in parallel and expanding my own artwork. Today we walked around St Ann’s Community allotments and I documented our visit. Through the camera’s lens I see compositions in miniature. Searching for images where nature meets humanity. We are halfway through the project as I write this.

I love the way each session is a series of small steps. These steps helping us to think and create something, connecting to various aspects of the subject, without it being threatening. There is a whole mix of women at various creative places, from not having done art since a child, to people like myself. We’re all mixed in together, with our troubled personal lives in common, all creating and growing and finding ourselves. It’s inspirational.

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